A Story of Child Refugees for Refugee Week

15 June – 16 July 2019:

The Basque Children – The Story of Child Refugees from the Spanish Civil War 

From the Huguenots in the 17th Century to Syrians in the present day, many groups and individuals have found safety in Islington. They have escaped danger, war and hardship, political and social persecution, and have been welcomed into the Islington community. To celebrate Refugee Week 2019, Islington Museum has partnered with the Marx Memorial Library, the Islington Refugee Forum and the Basque Children Association.

This exhibition remembers the 4000 child refugees from the Basque region, who found safety in Britain after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

A far-right military coup against the elected government in Spain led to a brutal conflict. With support from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy the rebels targeted civilians. Thousands fled bombing raids on the cities of northern Spain. In 1937 the Republic asked the world to take refugee children. It will include work from the Refugee Committee of students from Hugh Myddleton school who formed in response to stories of the child refugee.

This exhibition is presented by Islington Museum in partnership with BCA’37UK (the Association for the Basque Children of the UK) and the Marx Memorial Library

Where: Islington Museum 245 St. John Street EC1V 4NB Opening times: Monday – Saturday 10am to 5pm, Wednesday and Sunday (and public holidays): Closed

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