WORD2020 lockdown #WellConnected WORD PLAY features a programme of audio & video recordings – podcasts, poetry and music from the #WORDAssociation partners and artists to play and enjoy whenever you wish… including a diverse range of artists and voices

All Change & Arsenal in the Community
Football Needs Fans
a special lockdown poem created by Arsenal fans aged 16-95 and poet Paul Lyalls to mark the return of the Premier League and to reunite families, fans and football.
Special audio mix by Tony Nwachukwu.

Key Changes Mix Tape

Bad Punk, Resonance FM. Hosted by Johny Brown and Inga Tillere of Band Of Holy Joy. [First broadcast – 12/6/20]
A mixtape of music and words from artists involved with London’s Key Changes music charity produced during lockdown 2020. Hip hop, dub, pop, alt rock, Afrobeat and electronica blend with fragments of voices exploring experiences of mental health, isolation, and creativity in the time of the virus.
Produced for Bad Punk in association with Word Festival.

COVID Island Discs
by All Change Company of Older People

A collection of songs chosen and introduced by All Change’s company of older people, created to bring cheer to other older people alone at home or in care homes. Each song is introduced by the person who chose it with a poetic message of why it is magical to them. Created with artists Francesca Beard and Tony Nwachukwu.

LOCKDOWN YOUR AERIAL Crowdcast by Lyrix Organix
Saturday 20 June 2020

Watch & Listen
A special episode in collaboration with Word 2020 Islington Festival. We invite our partners Key Changes (music & mental health recovery, StickzN15) and House of Illustration (Grace Attlee) for guest slots with special guests Inua Ellams and Nao.