WORD’s Up!

As June 2019 ends, so WORD2019 – Summer festival draws to a close. This past fortnight has been a wonderful whirlwind of WORDS, delivered through poetry, stories, songs, performance and illustration – with contributions from local people and artists of all ages and backgrounds.

This year, you don’t have to wait long for more … as for the first time, WORD2019 returns  for a special weeklong festival marking #LibrariesWeek from 7-12 October 2019, presented by the #WORDAssociation. Look out for events and activities for all ages, including #LibraryLive, #LateAtTheLibrary and #WORDPLAY events.

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Quentin’s Inky Characters BSL Family Workshop

Sunday 30 June, 11am-1pm: BSL Family Workshop – Quentin’s Inky Characters at House of Illustration. Explore our galleries and learn new illustration techniques using both British Sign Language (BSL) and spoken English with artist and educator Christopher Sacre. Draw, create and socialise with other families in this hands-on workshop tailored for children aged 5-10 and their parents and carers. Both hearing and Deaf families are welcome. In this month’s workshop, we’ll be creating our very own inky characters from a variety of objects, materials and inks, inspired by the iconic style of Quentin Blake: From the Studio.

£5 ticket includes 1 adult and 1 child. Your ticket includes entry to this and other current exhibitions. This family illustration workshop is for 5-10 year olds and their parents and carers. Where: House of Illustration 2 Granary Square N1C 4BH [Image © Christopher Sacre]

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Fabulous Family Fun

Saturday 29 June, 2-3.30pm: ReCreate – join All Change Associate Artists – Fran Lobo, musician and Paul Lyalls, poet, and a host of other young families at Finsbury Library for a magical afternoon of music, singing, stories and poetry for families and children under 5. Drinks and snacks provided.#LibraryLive ReCreate is designed by young families for young families. Where: Finsbury Library 245 St. John Street EC1V 4NB


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Public Poetry & Pictures

Friday 28 June, 11am-12pm: #Generations2 – pop-up interactive poetry and photography presented by All Change’s company of older people, working with artists Leticia Valverdes and Francesca Beard. Find us by the fountains in front of Central St Martins in Kings Cross.

Where: By the fountains, Central St. Martins, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross N1C 4AA @allchangearts @csm_news

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A Day of Play

Day 11: Thu 27 June – 10-11.30am, Finding a Safe Home – Under 5s Messy Play Inspired by the stories of refugees, discover how the Basque children celebrated their culturefar from home. Bring old clothes and an apron.Where: Islington Museum, 245 St. John Street EC1V 4NB. Presented by Islington Library and Heritage Services

6.30-9pm: WORD PLAY – a fabulous evening of perfectly performed words and sensational sounds from some WORD festival favourites including poet Paul Lyalls and artists from Key Changes, Lyrix Organix and All Change. Where: 27 Dingley Place, EC1V 8BR. Presented by the #WORDAssociation

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National Writing Day

Day 10: –  Tues 26 June marks an annual celebration of writing designed to inspire people across the UK to get writing. The message is simple: everyone has a story to tell and sharing it can be a source of pleasure and power. #NationalWritingDay www.nationalwritingday.org.uk

As part of Reading Friends in Islington Libraries, older LGBTQ+ have been getting together, exploring Islington Pride Archive and looking at newspaper articles and images to create their own unique pieces of creative writing and zine of their work. For WORD2019 – the images below will be shared on social media:



















#LGBTQ+ @IslingtonLibs @IslingtonMuseum @IslingtonLHC @IslingtonsPride @ReadingFriends_

www.islingtonspride.com www.readingfriends.org.uk

6.30pm – Hermino Martinez one of the ‘Basque children’ tells his story – one of the child refugees from the Spanish Civil War, remembers his experiences. Where: Islington Local History Centre, 245 St. John Street EC1V 4NB

Presented by Islington Library and Heritage Services

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#Words4Word – Poetry Proverbs

Throughout  spring 2019, All Change Associate Artist – Simon Mole, joined the weekly coffee morning group at Notting Hill Genesis -The Mildmays,  creating unique poetry in response to the experience. Selected lines were chosen and applied to some brand new coffee mugs. Associate Artist – Leticia Valverdes captured some ‘mug shot‘ photos at a special Tea Ceremony, as Simon presented the mugs to the group.

Strong coffee, small cups
Biscuits, banter
Jokes, chatter
Chinwag, natter
We shoot the breeze,
We chew the fat
We blether, blather, jibber jabber,
Gossip, gabber, all of that
Tea-cup philosophy
Ad-libbed limericks
Thirsty slurps or dainty Sips
Half full or half empty, bring em quick
Where’s my coffee?! Grumble, groan
All experts in the fine art of the moan
Know a zen like calm descends
When a good old moan is shared with friends
So if all’s well, we’ll hunt far and wide
For the solitary cloud in a summer sky
And gently pick at that perfect image
‘’coz it’s not quite as blue as it could be, is it?”
We let off steam, we dream, we vent
Sit anywhere but on the fence
for this tete a tete, This Heart to heart where unexpected ideas spark
from stories shared
thoughts percolate
as cakes and treats arrive on plates
upbeat, charming, dry-witted, cynical
all reassuringly unpredictable
Chinwag, natter
Jokes, chatter
Biscuits, banter
The details matter
Cups are small, and coffee strong
A place where one and all belong.

by Simon Mole and the coffee morning group at The Mildmays -#Words4Word

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