Day 16: Islington Activism – Walk

Saturday 16 June, 11am – from Islington Town Hall

Remembering the 70s and 80s. Explore the streets of Islington through stories of local activism against apartheid, for nuclear disarmament, rights for women and the LGBT+ community with a local CIGA guide.

Presented in partnership with Islington Museum and inspired by their exhibition, Fighting Apartheid: Activism in Islington,this walk introduces the main sites where activists campaigned to bring about change.

The ANC headquarters in Penton Street, bombed in 1982, were a focal point for organising the struggle. Boycotts took place at petrol stations and supermarkets in the borough, and the London Recruits, an underground activist group, had roots in Islington. Canon Collins of St Paul’s Cathedral, inspired some of the most effective fundraising for the Treason Trial Defence Fund in 1956 , and later funds for political trials and the support for dependants of activists.

The 1980s was also a key time for the nuclear disarmament campaign CND, and the Greenham Common women’s movement. Islington born Zelda Curtis ran an older women’s support group. Sisterwrite bookshop in Upper Street offered a friendly meeting point. Fundraising for the families affected by the miners’ strike of 1984 was widespread in the borough, with cash buckets outside supermarkets. The Lesbians and Gays support the Miners group, made famous in the feature film Pride, fundraised in Islington pubs and other LGBT+ activism was a feature of the 1970s and 1980s. Learn more or relive your memories on this walk, ending at the Museum where you can view the exhibition.

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