National Writing Day 2020 #247challenge


To celebrate National Writing Day 2020, All Change’s company of older people undertook the #247challenge on Zoom with artist Francesca Beard to write a 24 word story in 7 minutes beginning ‘One Day…

One day when walking around the Emirates, I saw a toddler kicking a football. His mother applauded him. Will he really be a star? – Ann

One day in 1953 when I was in the army, I came home on leave and I met June, my future and my wife. – John

One day last week I had a lovely surprise, a visit from my son and daughter-in-law. Good to have a long chat. And haircut. – June

One day I will, God willing, have time to realise a dream. To de-clutter all unnecessary memorabilia collected which was thought to be necessary. – Maria

One day I opened my window and saw a bird perched on my balcony When it saw me it started singing a beautiful melody. – Dina

One day, I learnt to float in the deep end. Stop, too dangerous! Wrong. Deep water is strong. Deep water will hold you up. – Daphne

One day the sun was shining. Went for a walk in the park with friends. Stopped in the park for coffee and cake too! – Rachel

One day I hope to see that place. The people are traditional, the landscape authentic. One day I’ll get there to achieve my desire. – Pauline

One day feeling low, I walked out the door with head bent. A bird I heard in song, its delightful tune lifted my mood. – Eula

One day I was lost in space and then came re-stimulation. A kind word, gesture, movement, togetherness, a held heart and then I’m back. – Tony

One day I feel the ground through the pavement, push up against my shoes as one foot then the next propels my body forwards. – Roger

One day we emerged, all changed, to discover a changed world, emerging from its shattered shell. That day was our first spent home together. – Francesca

About All Change

All Change is the Creative Producer for Islington's annual WORD Festival. All Change brings artists and communities together to transform lives. We produce original and authentic arts experiences which make connections between people. Based in north London since 1985.
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