#Words4Word – Poetry Proverbs

Throughout  spring 2019, All Change Associate Artist – Simon Mole, joined the weekly coffee morning group at Notting Hill Genesis -The Mildmays,  creating unique poetry in response to the experience. Selected lines were chosen and applied to some brand new coffee mugs. Associate Artist – Leticia Valverdes captured some ‘mug shot‘ photos at a special Tea Ceremony, as Simon presented the mugs to the group.

Strong coffee, small cups
Biscuits, banter
Jokes, chatter
Chinwag, natter
We shoot the breeze,
We chew the fat
We blether, blather, jibber jabber,
Gossip, gabber, all of that
Tea-cup philosophy
Ad-libbed limericks
Thirsty slurps or dainty Sips
Half full or half empty, bring em quick
Where’s my coffee?! Grumble, groan
All experts in the fine art of the moan
Know a zen like calm descends
When a good old moan is shared with friends
So if all’s well, we’ll hunt far and wide
For the solitary cloud in a summer sky
And gently pick at that perfect image
‘’coz it’s not quite as blue as it could be, is it?”
We let off steam, we dream, we vent
Sit anywhere but on the fence
for this tete a tete, This Heart to heart where unexpected ideas spark
from stories shared
thoughts percolate
as cakes and treats arrive on plates
upbeat, charming, dry-witted, cynical
all reassuringly unpredictable
Chinwag, natter
Jokes, chatter
Biscuits, banter
The details matter
Cups are small, and coffee strong
A place where one and all belong.

by Simon Mole and the coffee morning group at The Mildmays -#Words4Word

About All Change

All Change is the Creative Producer for Islington's annual WORD Festival. All Change brings artists and communities together to transform lives. We produce original and authentic arts experiences which make connections between people. Based in north London since 1985.
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