Throughout Word2018 you may have spotted a series poetic dispatches from some extraordinary voices … in person, in print, online … via Instagram and twitter … a team of poets including Paul Lyalls and Francesca Beard …have been responding and reacting … sharing their reflections and creating a body of new work and new Words4Word…follow the hashtag #Words4Word to find them!

Here’s an image from the new Word Garden – a poetry trellis created with older people at St. Luke’s Community Centre with poet Francesca Beard and artist Carl Stevenson.

….Girl stepping off a train / carrying a picture frame / see through art in the public domain / due to the rhyme scheme going to Turnpike Lane / Happy for a photo exchange / art makes the underground more humane / probably never ever see her again. – @PaulLyalls  

About All Change

All Change is the Creative Producer for Islington's annual Word Festival. Established in Islington in1985 All change brings artists and communities together to develop innovative creative projects which promote artistic excellence and positive change for Individuals and communities.
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