#Word2017 bloggers – creative response #1

For #Word2017 a team of young creative bloggers working with All Change will post poetry and creative writing responding to festival events and performances. Here is their first piece – created after Book End No. 1  on 1 June 2017 – the launch event for this year’s festival:

For a long time she had felt….
Like the observer
The person looking through a spyglass unable to touch what she saw
Bottom of the heap
The invisible ghost along the corridor
A floating planet unlocked out of gravity, desperate for the sun

Until one day a friendly face gave her…
A book that spoke her story
A pen and paper to make her own
A space to dance
A space to create
A tune to play
The notes to make a song.
She was given…
A stage to be be seen
A microphone to be heard.

She had found her centre…
In words
In music
In pictures
In movement
In laughter
In people
She had found herself.

by Naomi Money – #Word2017 Creative Blog Team


About All Change

All Change is the Creative Producer for Islington's annual WORD Festival. All Change brings artists and communities together to transform lives. We produce original and authentic arts experiences which make connections between people. Based in north London since 1985.
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