Poetry and stories on the street …


28 June 2013: If you’re in the Finsbury Park area look out for some eye-catching Word2013 Festival Hoardings created by All Change working with Magpie Studio in collaboration with John Jones,the Park Theatre, City North N4 and the Business Design Centre Group.

Where are you going? features fragments of stories from local people, interviewed by playwright Sarah Rutherford and a team of actors as part of a theatrical project called N4 Stories. Sarah and her team spent six months talking to over 100 people in the N4 area, searching for stories that would inspire a play for the new Park Theatre. The resulting play, Allah in Neon, will be staged at Park Theatre in 2014.

hoarding1Frames of Mind, which is currently being installed features fragments of poetry created by local people of all ages as part of a series of creative projects – Transforming Buildings, In Between, Occupy Platform, B Voices and Outer Space with writers Paul Lyalls, Kenny Baraka, Kat Francois, Aoife Mannix and Yemisi Blake in 3-dimensional frames created and customised by John Jones. These hoardings will develop over the next few weeks…


About All Change

All Change is the Creative Producer for Islington's annual WORD Festival. All Change brings artists and communities together to transform lives. We produce original and authentic arts experiences which make connections between people. Based in north London since 1985.
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