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WORD is a year-round programme of innovative arts projects and events in Islington.  WORD brings arts companies, libraries and communities together to create, share and experience original work, providing a platform for new and often unheard voices and stories.WORD festivals take place in June, October and March each year, packed with inspiring activities and events for all ages. Find WORD in football grounds and cafes, community centres and care homes, libraries and galleries, parks and playgrounds. WORD is about arts, libraries and communities working together to reduce isolation and loneliness. WORD works with people of all ages and backgrounds, with a focus on engaging older people, young families, young people, and those experiencing isolation.

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From 2019, WORD is brought to you by:


All Change | Key Changes | House of Illustration | Lyrix Organix | Upswing | Islington Library & Heritage Services

– a collective of arts organisations and libraries working in partnership with local communities. Developing and providing a platform for new and original voices. Making connections between people.

WORD is produced by All Change

 WORD… the Story so Far: Islington’s Word Festival launched in 2012, and has run annually since as a partnership between Islington Council’s Library and Heritage Services, Arts Service, All Change and Free Word. WORD set out, to grow a relationship between Islington’s Libraries and the rich local arts infrastructure, and to bring the Council’s vision for a fairer Islington to life through supporting the animation of its Reading Strategy – Islington Reads. WORD has become a major event in the Islington’s cultural calendar, a unique month-long celebration of words and their power to transform lives, reaching 30,000+ residents of all ages as participants and audiences annually. WORD has been delivered through a programme of specially commissioned arts projects, designed to encourage residents of all ages across Islington to develop their enjoyment of reading, writing and freedom of expression through participation in high quality arts activities and events. Since 2015, WORD has extended its reach and impact with a particular focus on improving the mental health and wellbeing of older people, young people and families – and providing a platform for sharing work created by these groups alongside exceptional artists.


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